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It's Not the Market, It's the Marketing

Throughout Dugan's journey, Cystic Fibrosis has been an unwavering companion, shaping his every experience. Growing up in the embrace of this challenging condition, Dugan has transformed adversity into a catalyst for cultivating a robust work ethic. Fearlessly diving headfirst into life's complexities, he's unafraid to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty. Despite his life expectancy being a mere 16 years, each day becomes a testament to Dugan's resilience, defying the odds stacked against him. It's ingrained in his DNA to conquer any challenges and surmount every obstacle in his path.

Dugan has undergone extensive training under the mentorship of Michael LaFidio, a distinguished figure among the Top Luxury Realtors® in the nation. Within the eXp Realty community, Dugan boasts a robust network, having actively engaged in various real estate and entrepreneurship programs nationwide. His ethos is grounded in embracing life to its fullest, fostering positivity, and treasuring every moment. Infusing each client interaction with his distinctive character and unwavering passion, Dugan is personally committed to realizing the dream homes of those he serves.

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It's Not the Market, It's the Marketing

Hollywood production quality videos with scripts, staging, actors, music and award winning cinematography
Help ensure potential buyers develop an emotional connection to the home before visiting in person
Special impact events with celebrities, non profit sponsors, and private invitations to affluent buyers to amp up media coverage
Create social competition among potential buyers that increase the probability of a quicker sale
Our press and public relations strategies are all centered around our mission to create attention, articles, and possible tv spots
Create viral videos produced for your luxury home that are easily shared all over the world by millions of viewers
Typical copywriting describes home features like "breathtaking views."
Our lifestyle & legacy story writing focuses on how living in your home & its location can lead to a happier, healthier, meaningful life.
Our "Steve Jobs Approach to Selling Homes" includes home transformations
Strategic positioning marketing of the home vs. other relevant properties in that price point or area
We will create a dedicated custom website that showcases your home
Featuring magazine-quality professional photos, elegantly produced High Definition video and stunning aerial animation
Global is the new local. Your home will be featured in prominent global media brands.
Your home will be featured in Forbes Global Properties and Luxury Home Magazine Greater Nashville
Will also be featured on Luxury Real Estate Magazine and online through our Global Luxury Search.
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